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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Two-word Sentences with 'Please' | English Speaking Course Online - 14

Two-word Sentences with Please 

Hi Friends! In this class, I would like to share Two-word Sentences with 'Please' for Daily Use. These sentences are very useful to you in every step of your daily life. I hope you understand these sentences and utilize them in your daily life. Please share this English Speaking Course Online - 14 with your friends and students.
Two-word Sentences with 'Please'
Two-word Sentences with 'Please'

'Please' is used to express 'Polite Requests' in Spoken English.

Imperative Sentences With 'Please'.

1. Please understand.

2. Please think.

3. Please throw.

4. Please win.

5. Please tear.

6. Please take.

7. Please sleep.

8. Please swim.

9. Please forgive.

10. Please forget.

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11. Please hang.

12. Please read.

13. Please catch.

14. Please drive.

15. Please clean.

16. Please change.

17. Please feed.

18. Please call.

19. Please help.

20. Please leave.

21. Please open.

22. Please close.

23. Please keep.

24. Please jump.

25. Please move.

26. Please show.

27. Please send.

28. Please select.

29. Please use.

30. Please visit.

31. Please view.

32. Please give.

33. Please write.

34. Please read.

35. Please wait.

36. Please watch.

37. Please try.

38. Please hide.

39. Please like.

40. Please pretend.

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