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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Sentences With 'going + to' | Spoken English Classes Online - 12

Sentences With 'going + to'

Hi Friends! In this class, I would like to share Sentences With 'going + to'. These sentences are very useful to you in every step of your daily life. I hope you understand these sentences and utilize them in your daily life. Please share this English Speaking Course Online - 12 with your friends and students.

Sentences With 'going + to'
Sentences With 'going + to'

English Speaking Course - 12

This structure (Sub + Be + going + to) is used to talk about the future and intentions. We can also use it to talk about anything in the future.

Some Sentences

1. He is going to make himself a sandwich.

2. She is going to call the doctor.

3. I am going to find a proper way.

4. What time are you going to leave Sunday?

5. They are going out for breakfast.

6. He is going to get fresh fruits.

7. Roja is going to college.

8. I'm going to begin the class now.

9. I am going to be an SAP Consultant.

10.He is going to war.

11.Grandfather is going to meet his friends.

12.My father is going to send me a birthday gift.

13.What is going to happen now?

14.I am going out into a warm place.

15.I am not going to tell you about this.

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16.I'm not going to know about him.

17.I am going to join you in the school

18.Anand was going to speak of Lalitha.

19.You are going to the exact place.

20.You are going to know the truth.

21.They are going to send you money.

22.I'm not going to drop him.

23.At midnight dancing was still going on.

24.She is going home to take rest.

25.They are just going to that place.

26.Are you going to have breakfast?

27.They are going back to their sister.

28.I am going into action.

29.We are going to discuss the matter.

30.She is not going to buy it.

31.What are you going to do today?

32.We are going to bed early.

33.He is going to tell you a secret.

34.They were going to ask you.

35.I am going to visit my brother this weekend.

36.She is going to quit her job.

37.It is going to rain tonight.

38.The party is going to be fun.

39.The Laptop is going to be fixed today.

40.The speech is going to be presented by Navya.

41.This company is going to be sold very soon.

42.I am going to meet my friend next weekend.

43.I am going shopping.

44.I am going to meet my newly wedded sister.

45.She is going to Europe tomorrow.

46.I am going to attend the meeting today. 

47.I am going to ask for some more money.

48.we are going to play a new game.

49.Nothing is going to ruin this party.

50.It is going to be hot today.

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